New Nursery

Nolina Nurseries recently put 10,000 m2 of completely renovated greenhouses into operation. This expansion adjacent to our existing location was made in response to the rapidly increasing demand for garden plants early in the season.

These modernised greenhouses are equipped with the latest technology and can now, for example, be fully heated with the residual heat from our existing buildings. In addition, all the rainwater that falls on the greenhouses is captured and stored in a special reservoir and then used for irrigation purposes. This means that Nolina Nurseries is meeting all the new requirements for sustainable and responsible production processes.

Now, with a cultivation area of 22 ha (more than half of which consists of greenhouses) Nolina Nurseries can respond even more quickly to market demands and scale up its production when needed, for example with the growing demand for our Agapanthus, Wisteria and scented garden roses.

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